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2020-2021 Fund Distribution

Become a Fund Distribution Volunteer 

The United Way of Davidson County is seeking Fund Distribution volunteers to serve on the 2020-2021 Fund Distribution Panels.

Fund Distribution volunteers are a representation of the community and are responsible for determining how contributed funds to the United Way’s Community Investment Fund can best be allocated for the most effective well-balanced community services.

Fund Distribution volunteers serve as a member of a Fund Distribution Review Panel.  The Fund Distribution Panel is given the responsibility of reviewing funding applications, completing program site visits and listening to agency presentations that include a financial overview. They then determine whether those applications show an accurate analysis of program services and dollars required for such operations.

If you are interested in becoming a Fund Distribution volunteer you may contact our office at 336-249-2532 or by email You may also access the Fund Distribution volunteer application here. Applications are due by Tuesday, October 20th.  A volunteer training will be held on October 29, 2020 and Agency Site Visits Presentations will be on Thursday, December 3rd.


2020-2021 United Way Funding Applicants

Check back in August for a list of non-profit agencies who have applied for United Way funding.




2019-2020 Fund Distribution Volunteers

Fund Distribution Volunteers may access their panel page and agency information by clicking on the correct panel below and logging in.

Panel One   Panel Two   Panel Three   Panel Four   Panel Five   

Panel Six   Panel Seven   Panel Eight  Panel Nine  Panel Ten