Fund Distribution

2024 United Way Funding Process

501(c)(3) non profits serving Davidson County residents who are interested in applying for United Way funding are invited to attend a virtual information session on Thursday, July 18th at 8:30 AM. This meeting is mandatory for any 501 (c)(3) nonprofit wishing to apply for funding. Please contact the United Way office at if you are interested in attending.  At that time, you will be given log in instructions for this meeting.

Become a Fund Distribution Volunteer 

The United Way of Davidson County is seeking Fund Distribution volunteers to serve on the 2024 Fund Distribution Panels.

Fund Distribution volunteers are a representation of the community and are responsible for determining how contributed funds to the United Way’s Community Investment Fund can best be allocated for the most effective well-balanced community services.

Fund Distribution volunteers serve as a member of a Fund Distribution Review Panel.  The Fund Distribution Panel is given the responsibility of reviewing funding applications, completing program site visits and listening to agency presentations that include a financial overview. They then determine whether those applications show an accurate analysis of program services and dollars required for such operations.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the online application form by clicking HERE. Applications are due by Tuesday, October 1st. A volunteer training will be held on October 10th and Agency Financial Presentations will be on Thursday, December 5th 2024.  Site visits to the agencies you are reviewing will be coordinated by your agency advocate.

Questions?  Contact our office at 336-249-2532 or email

Read some quotes below from past FD Volunteers...

“Serving as a United Way board member and fund distribution volunteer this year, I had the opportunity to  learn more about the many critically needed service organizations in the Thomasville and Lexington communities.  Visiting Home Solutions of Davidson County as a fund distribution volunteer provided me the opportunity to hear more about the services the organization provides to area qualifying families from much needed home repair to financial literacy, homebuyer education and a path to home ownership.  I was so impressed with all that they do on a limited budget that I left feeling the need to do more!” ~ Susan Huneycutt, UWDC Board Member and Davidson Davie Community College employee


“Before I began serving on panels as a fund distribution volunteer, I had no idea of the impact that United Way of Davidson County (UWDC) has on our community. I wish everyone had the opportunity to serve on a panel because I believe most people's eyes would be opened to the true impact of UWDC. UW dollars help many of these organizations so that they won't have to turn away people who need emergency assistance. Before serving as a volunteer, I would donate here and there; but after serving I donate once a month and hope to be able to continue to do so indefinitely. I'd love to see the day where all agencies are fully funded, but UWDC will need a lot more in donations to see that happen. If you are reading this, I hope you will consider donating to UWDC today, and continue to do so in the future!” ~ Kristi, Davidson Davie Community College employee


“Serving as a Fund Distribution volunteer has been such a rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to visit worthy programs and see up close and personal what they are doing for the good of Davidson County residents is truly uplifting. It also gave me a new perspective on how vitally important United Way is to the well-being of remarkable organizations and even more amazing staff and volunteers. United Way is what Davidson County needs to be - changing the lives of our residents by providing hope, support, and love!” ~ Kathryn McLendon, Community Volunteer


 “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the United Way proposal review and organization visitations. I must say I was unaware of the extent of the need of our fellow Davidson County citizens, the dedication of the organizations that serve them, and extent to which those organizations wisely use the funds United Way and others provide.  Our panel made our recommendations realizing it must be extremely difficult for you who make the final decisions to allocate the limited funds.  It would be money well spent to fully fund each of the three we reviewed.” ~ Dr. Lennox L. McLendon, McLendon & Associates